Why are singers yelling to Prove Talent?

Good morning, Singers! Welcome back to this weeks blog and Everything Singing 🙂 I’ve been on a bit of leave from blogging due to LOADS of work and the holidays. But I’m back!!!

So the tell tale question is: Why are singers yelling to prove talent now a days? Let me first start by speaking from experience… When I was an untrained singer so many years ago, yelling, was how I was able to hit those hard to reach notes. By forcing a TON of air from my diaphragm in an uncontrolled way into my 1st and 2nd bridges I was able to kind of produce the tone and power I was so accustomed to in my chest voice. However, those notes were not always on pitch, and honestly speaking they were OFF pitch about 60% of the time. So why did I keep approaching my bridges like this? Because that is all I knew.

Training the voice is such a lost art form. So many singers are getting away with off pitch notes and imperfect runs, WHY? Because training the voice is not revered as it used to be. The masses seem to think the voice is an instrument unlike all the other instruments out there – piano, violin, guitar, bass, flute, etc. Where one needs to take lessons in order to learn the proper technique in order to thrive as a musician or music enthusiast. Strange how through the times we’ve evolved as a species but this has been lost along the way. There are definitely people out there training their voices but these people who know there is a technical aspect to singing are usually musicians or come from a long line of technically trained singers.

Is the reason behind so many people not knowing the voice is an instrument and needs to be trained like any other art form because when Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber get praised for the talent and their gorgeous voices, Ariana and Justin aren’t crediting the vocal coaches they’ve been working with for YEARS unless specifically asked about their training? Or is it because people just believe these voices have always been this way and they were born with the sounds they have? This is partly true but their voices could never have gotten to the level they are today without the proper coach to guide and nurture the talent to become what it is 🙂

Back to belting… Why ARE so many singersSinging 6 belting to prove talent? 1) Because that is the only way they can get into their bridges and maintain a similar sound to that in their chest voices. 2) Producers now a days LOVE the strong sound and if done correctly it does prove a talented singer is present. 3) There are so many untrained ears and music enthusiasts that just believe louder IS better… Belting, when done properly, is such a wonderful dynamic to add to pieces of music, just make sure you’ve trained with the right coach so your notes are on pitch and your not ruining your voice in the process. As the longevity and health of your instrument should be your #1 concern because once you’ve over sang with your instrument 1 too many times there is NO going back. You cannot go out and buy a new one. That is the 1 difference between singers and instrumentalists.

Stay tuned!!!! MORE blogging to come on EVERYTHING SINGING 🙂

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