What is Singing?

Welcome Singers and enthusiasts of Singing to my blog – Everything Singing! What is singing? There are so many opinions in the market right now arguing what “great” singing is. All of these individuals have very specific views based on what genre or style of music they prefer to listen to. And we have to ask ourselves, as musicians or lovers of music, is perfect singing great singing? What is great singing? What is perfect singing? And WHAT IS SINGING?
Let’s first discuss what the word “to sing” really means. Singing can be defined as simply as sustained speech. Every human being speaks in a specific range of their voice. Some individuals may have access to more of their range than others, but there will never be less than 3-5 notes used on a daily basis as we interact, work, and communicate with ourselves. I have been told I have a very wide speaking range. I am in fact a singer as well as a musician, so the use of notes has always come naturally to me and I’ve always found speaking much more delightful if I draw from notes in my chest and mix voices (these terms I will discuss in future blogs. So stay tuned. No pun intended.lol), making my speaking quality more like a song than an actual speech pattern.
So if every human is anatomically designed with a range to speak from, is it possible for every human being to sing? Especially if singing really is as simple as sustained speech? ABSOLUTELY. I am a true believer that I can teach ANYONE how to sing and that everyone one of us is capable of acheiving this wonderfully artistic and musical form of expression. With that said, not every one of us will be running off to the Metropolitan Opera or Broadway in the next year to become the next singing star, as we all have different levels of musicianship, but everyone of us is capable of expressing ourselves in a pleasant way. And I can honestly say, in my 11 years of coaching, I have taught all my clients to sing from the most basic form of this expression to improving the most talented of singers achieve their full potential.
So what is singing? Sustained speech. And I encourage every one of you to start your musical journey with just the right coach. Practice and great guidance will you get there. So go for it!!! And let Hollywood Vocal Studios know how goes!

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