What is Perfect Singing?

Welcome Singers to my blog – Everything Singing! What IS Perfect Singing? “Perfect” singing can be argued on MANY levels. Is it the performance? The balance? The agility and strength? The pitch? The dynamics? What is it exactly that makes for a perfect singer? ALL of these elements are everything when it comes to perfect singing. But a true perfomer and singer cannot acheive perfect singing without the most essential tool of them all, BALANCE.
Balancing the voice is difficult and is truly an art form. It takes a highly trained and experienced coach to be able to teach any level of singer how to acheive perfect balance while singing. Balance infers the voice does not break, crack, strain, flip, belt, yell, compress, tighten or go off pitch. And is able to move through all of the singers bridges – male singers have 3 bridges and female singers have 5 – effortlessly and with controlled volume.
No matter what your level of singing, if you feel your voice is unbalanced (sounds differently depending on what register you are singing in) then you owe it to yourself to seek a coach that can help you acheive this. You may not see or feel the fatigue from an unbalanced voice yet but there will come a day when you will. Whether it be 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years from now. I sang with an unbalanced voice for almost 20 years and it took me searching high and low to find just the right teacher to help me. I had no idea I was in the shape that I was because for me belting and muscling through my bridges was what I knew, and the straining was comfortable only because it was habitual. It took 1 solid year of dedication with my Master coach, who’ve I’ve learned almost everything I know now from, but I will honestly tell you it was worth it. The ease I have now through all my bridges and the precision I have with pitch is uncanny. I finally have the voice I always knew I was capable of having.
Stay Tuned for my next blog on – The Balanced Singing Voice 🙂

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