Tips for the Balanced Singer – Extrinsic Muscle Usage While Singing

Hello, Lovely Singers and Enthusiasts of Singing! Welcome back to my blog – Everything Singing. Today I am going to talk about the effects of a singer engaging and using their extrinsic muscles to sing through their whole range, their mix, or to force their way into their head voice. This blog is all Tips for the Balanced Singer and will specifically talk about the effects of Extrinsic Muscle Usage While Singing.
Here is an image for you to get an idea of what extrinsic muscles in the neck you can engage while singing: Extrinsic Muscle Image
If you take a close look at this picture you can see there are MANY muscles in the neck which can be engaged in order to sing. You’re probably asking yourself right now, “Do I use these muscles when I’m singing?” Most likely if you are not a highly trained singer with years and years of the right educational background, you are absolutely using these muscles to get you through your bridges, get into your head voice, or just sing your entire range in general. And now the question you are asking yourself is “Well, if I do use these muscles why does that really matter?”
Do you remember how I talked about Perfect Singing in one of my previous blogs? And I specifically discussed how Perfect Singing is the ability to use only the essential areas of the body in order to create sound? This being; vocal fold closure and breath while maintaining a relaxed jaw, larynx, tongue, and extrinsic muscles? This balance is what Singers and the best vocal coaches in the world consider Perfect Singing to be. Now I know that no thing is perfect, however, when wanting to create the BEST possible sound and achieve a healthy regimen in order to maintain a tuned instrument for the best performance and longevity. You as the artist, will attempt in any way possible to achieve this state of close to perfection.
So many famous singers have relied on their talent alone to maintain their career and have suffered greatly because of this lack of technique. Having to cancel tours, disappointing their fan base due to their negligence and losing lots of money because of these cancellations. Not being able to perform or sound like their recordings in live shows because they have over extended their talent and ability due to this lack of technique. And again disappointing their fan base and ultimately losing money because of it. Then the worst of all of these, hemorrhaging thier vocal cords, which can damage their instrument permanently, never being able to sound they way used to or even sing again 🙁
So, how does a singer achieve this balanced voice and relieve themselves of extrinsic muscle usage while singing? By finding the right coach who can impart this knowledge to any level of singer with an array and assortment of different habits. I wish there was an easy way to explain in text how to achieve this balance but the truth is every singer, every person, is different and there is no way even the best coach in the world could impart this knowledge on the singer without hearing their set of habits in person. So find the right coach, practice these exercises religously and consistently, and get on the road to becoming a great singer not just in talent but in technique which is the only thing thats going to allow any singer the longest and most fruitful career possible.
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Happy Singing and Stay Tuned for my Next Blog – Everything Singing!!! 🙂

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