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Adreana is an AMAZING vocal teacher. She is well-trained and knows how to specifically work with individuals to help them improve their skill set. After only two lessons with her, I was able to correct some fundamental issues I’ve had in 25 years of singing, and present with a stronger, fuller voice, which made the best of my existing strengths. People noticed the difference in my vocal performance right away, and as a result, I’ve been able to expand my vocal range as well and become a more versatile singer! In addition, Adreana is passionate and thoughtful about her work, and it is so good to work with someone who cares so much about what she does. It really shows in the quality of her work and you’ll feel like you’re in great hands.

Judy Ho, Singer/Pianist, Clinical Psychologist and Masters Professor at Pepperine University


I’ve been studying with Adreana for more than a year now and I’ve improved immensely. I was a singer long before meeting Adreana, but I never had formal training before studying with her. She has helped me unlearn a lot of bad habits I’ve developed over years of singing and I’m becoming more comfortable and more confident in my vocal ability.

Adreana always finds a way to coach me through each challenge that I experience. I didn’t really know how much better I was until I listened to some songs I recorded a coupe of years ago. The difference between my vocal ability and sound from that point to now is night and day.

I look forward to continuing to study with Adreana and becoming a better, smarter, and healthier singer.

Tommy Animato, Singer/Songwriter – tommyanimato.com


Lee is not the average vocal coach, in that, unlike most of the other teachers out there, Lee really does care about his students and in such an inspiring way.  I have to say that is one of, if not the best vocal teacher that I have ever had and its not so much what he teaches (which is incredible in and of itself) but the way he teaches.  I can’t speak for all of his students but I’m sure they feel the same as I do when I say that he is simply awesome and he really cares and desires the ultimate for the voices that he is building and the people whose lives he has impacted because he sees and believes the best in every voice. 

Steven Patrick, Lead Singer/Holy Soldier and 2 time Dove Award Winner.


Adreana deserves a 5 star rating. Intimate and challenging one on one instruction from a highly trained and gifted coach is what you get. Gonzalez can belt, and is a capable vocalist. This was important to me, I want a coach that practices what they preach.

I am a seasoned vocalist with near 40 years of experience and yes and old dog learned new tricks!!

Thanks Adreana , no stress, breathe, deliver pure

Joshua Kuhn, Singer/Trombone Player


I’d always had trouble with over using my voice both in day to day speaking and singing on stage. Adreana not only helped me improve my range and tonal quality, but she also helped fight my vocal fatigue issues. Her strong focus on helping you to understand where the sound should be coming from has been beneficial to me ever since. Thanks Adreana!

Stephen Wunderlich, Guitar Player/Singer/Producer


I learn so much working with Adreana. She is encouraging, supportive and makes me feel good about my progress every lesson. I highly recommend vocal training with her!

Adrienne Isom, Guitar/Bass Player/Singer – noconamusic.com

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