hollywoodVocal Lessons

Learning good vocal technique helps put the pieces of the puzzle together. Singing isn’t only about being in tune it’s about imparting all vocal qualities that really paint the picture of a song: tone, dynamics, color, timing, rhythm, inflections and style. We will go through rigorous exercises which will bring these great qualities out in your voice giving you the knowledge of how these naturally gifted singers take it to the next level.

Every Lesson is recorded to a CD which will contain:

  • Warmup exercises
  • Better Breathing
  • Increasing your upper and lower range
  • Creating a balanced and mixed voice between registers
  • Performance of your songs
  • Vocal exercises that will help you flow from note to note effortlessly. These are great for vocal runs in Pop, R&B, Rock and Soul. They add character to your singing style.
  • Note by note pitch tuning to ensure the melody is nailed every time.
  • Comments on your progress and suggestions.

Our studio has the highest level of experience in teaching professional and amateur singers reach their highest potential. You will learn the latest techniques, styles and philosophies that make these gifted singers special and unique in their musical genres. After just a few sessions you will begin to feel more ease, control and strength that will all become second nature with time and practice. HVS’s coaches are the premiere Singing Coaches in Hollywood, let them teach you their wealth of musical knowledge.

Recording Studio Coaching

HVS prepares every singer at their studio for the ultimate, studio recording. They have accompanied many singers during the recording of their demo’s, EP’s, and albums. Contact them anytime to get their day rates.

Skype Lessons

Skype-logo-Feb_2012_RGB_250One of the most valuable tools HVS has for working with their clients is Skype. Just because you don’t live in Los Angeles doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the best of Hollywood’s Vocal Coaches. Each lesson is scheduled and booked out by the half an hour or hour and is paid with by credit card at the beginning of each lesson. They accept Visa/MasterCard and cannot wait to meet you through the wonderful advancements of technology!

Industry Fears

Your fears are shared by nearly every singer on the planet. The most common doubts in vocal ability are supported by your own internal uncertainties. We can fix that. If singing is important to you, then it’s time for you to start training your voice so that you can maintain your greatest vocal health. We have seen many voices with no technique suffer and eventually fade from the limelight due to being overstressed and overworked. Some are even destroyed. Contact us to discover how we can help you eliminate your fears.