My Story – From the Beginning

Good morning, Lovely Singers! Everything Singing is BACK! And this time I’m going to get a little personal and let you in on my journey in show business and the music industry.
I’ve been singing and performing since I was a young girl, 8 years old to be exact, it was strange how it came about. I had always loved the arts and music and when I was 7 years old I tried out for the school musical and must not have done very well because I didn’t even get a role in the chorus! LOL. At this time I was playing flute and active in the music scene at my elementary school. I was first chair and Mr. Donner, the music teacher, wanted me to learn how to play trumpet because he had such confidence in my musicality he thought I would pick it up easily. Plus he needed someone to play trumpet in the school band!!! 🙂
Well, I never did end up playing the trumpet, I thought it to be a tad masculine for me, but I did audition the next year for the schools annual musical and like never before I was able to sing BEAUTIFULLY. I got the lead in the musical and moving forward I would always be Mr. Donner’s favorite as he would lean on me to do just about everything in the music department. Play the xylophone in the annual Kabuki performance, first chair in the school’s band playing the flute, and having almost all of the solo’s in all the school’s musicals moving forward.
As I said, after the age of 8 singing came so naturally. I would sit in the living room at my house on weekend nights, while my sister and mother were watching t.v. in my parents bedroom, and sing along with Bette Midler and Joni Mitchell. Learning every song and nuance of their singing styles. My parents never thought I needed singing lessons because music and singing came so naturally to me. However, if I had been given the right coach to work with at that early age who knows where my career would be right now. But please don’t take this as complaining. It’s not. I love where my career is now but a person can’t help but wonder where they would be if they had had the proper tutelage at a young age. And for this I ALWAYS encourage parents of young ones with a natural knack for music to nurture this as far and as much as they financially can. For all of you, even if you can only afford 1 lesson a month with an expert singing coach – DO IT. The amount of information you will learn in that 1 hour will be invaluable and step up your musicanship more than you could ever imagine. You owe it to yourself!
Stay Tuned for Everything Singing and our next blog! My Story – From the beginning will continue in my MANY blogs to come! Keep singing and find that coach for your launch on to the next level of your performance and musicianship!!!Singing 3

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