My Story – Continued……..

Singing 9Good morning, Singers! Welcome back to Everything Singing and the continuation of my journey in the music and entertainment industry 🙂
So where did I leave off? Oh yes, when I was 8. At an early age my curiousity with music and entertainment was insatiable. There was nothing that could stop what I wanted and KNEW I should be doing with my life. So from an early age I continued to play flute and sing and act in all the musicals, and honestly, just about anywhere I could.
After this period of my life, my father came home from one of his annual trips to Venezuela with my very first guitar. It was a classical guitar with nylon strings (very popular among the latino community of guitarists) and this is where I began to learn another instrument and start satisfying my curiousity as a singer and songwriter. That was at the age of 15 and I taught myself how to play and write songs. And the very first time I sang one of these songs for my friends, in my parents small apartment we were living in at the time, one of my best friends broke out laughing! I just kept on playing but I have to say that might have made me a little insecure with my songwriting moving forward. I mean I was 15! I’m sure it wasn’t a perfect song but come on! No need to laugh and give me a complex for the next 10 years. LOL.
Toward the end of high school I had some emotional issues. I’m sure you know, if you’ve passed your teenage years, they can be very trying. I wasn’t sure who I was or what I wanted to do with my life as I was approaching graduation and enrolled at ASU to study Anthropology. I would have chosen a different major if my family wasn’t constanting nagging me and saying “You will never make any money if you pursue the arts. Its a dead end road!” So I quit singing, acting, writing, just about everything pertaining to the arts. I still appreciated it and loved it but no longer tried to follow my heart.
Then I met my very first boyfriend. He was a musician/artist and instead of starting my first year at ASU as an Anthropology major he and I packed up all of our stuff and moved up to San Francisco. There I enrolled at City College (due to a lack of finances) and took every single class I possibly could to exhaust my not knowing what I was going to do for the rest of my life. GEEEZ. What a decision I had on my hands!
Toward the middle of my 2nd year in college I had an EPIPHANY. And that was if I were to end up pursuing a psychology degree or anthropology I would ultimately be dissatisfied in life and could possibly become an unhappy person because of it. So I decided, at that moment, to finish the school year out and start researching acting and music schools to go to as soon as the year was up. I did and ended up at one of the top acting schools in the country and getting a full scholarship to a music school at the same time!
Stay tuned to Everything Singing and our monthly blogs on the industry, technique and just about EVERYTHING singing! 🙂

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