Megan Trainor Cancels her MT rain Tour due to 2nd Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

Welcome Singers to my blog – Everything Singing!!! Megan Trainor ImageWe’re going to side bar here from my usual technical vocal talk and take a blog to discuss why all these famous and successful singers are hemorrhaging their vocal cords (vocal folds) so often! Here are some to name a few: Adele, Sam Smith, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, John Mayer, Kiss’ Paul Stanley, Keith Urban, Megan Trainor, and the list goes on. All of these singers have one VERY important common factor they share which has caused their voices to suffer. Lack of proper technique. They all have different vocal styles and qualities which reminds us that it is not just 1 thing they are doing to cause this damage to happen.
Its not these singers fault! They are going to trusted vocal coaches around the world and believing the technique they are teaching them is going to help with their crazy tour schedules or their constant belting (as so many current producers love to hear these singers do). Unfortunately, a lot of what most vocal coaches are teaching out there just doesn’t work and is honestly, incorrect. As discussed in my previous blogs, the most important thing for a singer to learn is proper vocal balance. With the right breath control, vocal fold closure, relaxed neck muscles, tongue and larynx, a singer is capable of singing MANY shows a week without any damage being caused to the voice. With this, we always want to remember plenty of sleep, water, a healthy diet, moderate consumption of alcohol and NO cigarettes is also going to play a HUGE role in the singers longevity and health.
Most people don’t realize how much work goes into being a GREAT singer. How much dedication and practice goes into maintaining our instruments. It is a full time job and when the singer is being paid a lot of money to keep up their vocal health, proper technique and the right coach should be the most important component in the performers lifestyle.
Here are a few quotes from famous singers who now realize how important a proper singing regime and technique is in their daily lives:
John Legend – “I was havig trouble making it through my shows, singing the songs the way I sing ’em. “I sing ’em so hard, and I go hard every night and give that passion and I was killing my voice. “I had to learn how to fix that and sing better and more healthily in a way that could sustain itself over a long period of time.”
Jerome Hines (famous opera singer) – “We should sing as we speak. I feel almost all vocal problems can be solved by shaping the singing technique to conform to the speaking technique. Singing is simply sustained speech.”
Stevie Wonder – “I first met Seth after corrective surgery. My bad vocal habits had caught up with me, and I was forced to find a more correct way to sing. That was 23 years ago. Today, I still experiment with many different vocal styles and qualities, and the musclar freedom to do that is the result of my work with Seth. I slip occassionally, but Seth is always there to rebalance my voice. He has been my only voice teacher.”
The vocal coaches job is to teach the singer the most healthy way of doing what they do best. We understand as their coaches, performers will go off of their healthy singing regime while performing but the singer should be repeatedly reminded that they need to stay in the most healthy zone of singing while they can – this would be during practices and warm-up’s. And belting now a days is SOOOOOO popular almost every singer is being asked to blow their vocal cords out for performance purposes. But we singers who do this and have done it for years know the affects this overuse and abuse can have on the voice. So poor Megan Trainor has only been on the road and performing for less than a year and is suffering 2 separate hemorrhages of the voice?! That is absolutely unacceptable for a performer. Every singer owes their voice the most respect and care as any great athlete would treat their priced muscles – Proper technique and consistent work outs!
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