How to Begin Achieving Balance while Singing – Vocal Fold Closure

Welcome Singers to my blog – Everything Singing! In my last blog I discussed all the elements that go into achieving a well balanced voice. Why do you ask, do we want a balanced singing voice? Because if a singer is to achieve close to perfect balance while singing, they will harness ultimate control as well as maintain the healthiest working instrument they can.
The elements I discussed a singer MUST have in order to achieve a balanced singing voice were: breath control, vocal fold closure, relaxed extrinsic muscles, and a relaxed tongue and larynx. And of these key tools in singing the most important one is……… Drum roll, please….. Vocal Fold Closure.
Now someone may argue that breath control is the most important component to singing and I would NEVER disagree with that. Because without the breath we would not be able to produce even the smallest sound. However, as humans, who breath on a moment to moment basis naturally and automatically. So this tool when it comes to singing is an already learned skill. Yes, as we go higher in pitch the control in our breath support and where the breath is being guided is absolutely essential and takes great skill and practice. But when first beginning to balance a singers voice, vocal fold closure is the most important tool. Because without the closure we would NEVER produce a pure sound, we would only produce a whisper, and these whispers can create major issues in the voice in the future.
Vocal Fold Closure is the pressing of the vocal folds against each other in way that these “cords” vibrate together. Please take the time to watch this short youtube video on the vocal folds at work – Now as you see in this video there are areas of the vocal folds that are vibrating up against each other and other areas where the breath is passing from the trachea and through the vocal folds to also assist in creating the sound. Maintaining vocal fold closure is a skill that can be taught by the right coach with a great ear. And there are many tricks to keeping these “cords” closed as the singer moves through their bridges and may lose their natural control in turn developing a “breathy” sound due to the separation in the vocal folds.
These blogs are to teach all levels of singers the absolute basics and fundamentals of achieving a balanced and beautifully tuned singing instrument. Because without the proper foundation any building or structure, no matter how beautiful at first sight, will collapse and fall apart some day. There are MANY coaches out in the world but unless they can hear every habit of each individual singer, every singer has different habits and different voices ultimately, and is truly able to detect these specific habits and teach the singer how to correct them, that coach is not the RIGHT coach and the singer needs to keep searching until they have found someone who can. No amount of money will make up for the time the singer has lost in learning the wrong skills in their development.
Stay tuned! 🙂

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