How Does Breath Assist the Singer?

Good morning, Singers to my blog – Everything Singing! How does breath assist the singer? As discussed in my previous blog, the breath is one of the most important components in singing. It could be argued to be THE most important component. With and only with the breath are we able to produce any sort of sound. Try speaking or creating sound without using even the tiniest amount of air? Go ahead try. Seriously, right now… Well. You can’t! It is IMPOSSIBLE.
When the air presses up against the vocal folds, by use of the diaphragm, is it possible to create a sound. Just like a woodwind instrument cannot be played without the breath flowing through the metal, brass or silver and pressing up against the keys as they are pushed down by the player. No sound will come out by just pushing the keys on the instrument. It takes the breath pressing up against the keys which are being pushed down by the musician for the instrument to even begin creating sound. Same exact technique in singing. So now you can start to understand just how important a strong and controlled source of breath would be for a singers sound.
A singer can achieve a strong and controlled breath by repeatedly doing exercises that stress the accordion like muscle, the diaphragm, on a daily basis. But like any athlete, these exercises need to be consistent and also need intermittent days of rest in order for the singers muscle memory to retain the movement.
So how does breath assist the singer? By allowing the singer to even create sound, which would make this component CRAZY important in this art form. With and only with this breath is it possible for most instruments to play. So I encourage you singers to take some classes, private sessions, with a well educated Vocal Coach and learn how to control this muscle so your singing and music do not suffer in the short or long term. Great coaches are always here to guide and help you. And Hollywood Vocal Studios has some of the best coaches in the industry teaching these techniques. Stay tuned!!! 🙂

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