Singers Tips for the Recording Studio

Good morning, Fellow Singers! Everything singing is back this month with tips and techniques for the recording studio. This is one of the most sought after moments in a singer’s career and we would never want to go in unprepared.   Song choice: Song choices are a difficult decision for the singer and thier teamContinue Reading

Tips for the Balanced Singer – Extrinsic Muscle Usage While Singing

Hello, Lovely Singers and Enthusiasts of Singing! Welcome back to my blog – Everything Singing. Today I am going to talk about the effects of a singer engaging and using their extrinsic muscles to sing through their whole range, their mix, or to force their way into their head voice. This blog is all TipsContinue Reading

Breathing for the Balanced Singer

Hello lovely Singers to my blog – Everything Singing! Today we’re going to discuss breathing for the balanced singer. Breathing is one of the most important components in singing. Without proper guidance and support a singer can tire themselves out and possibly cause permanent damage to thier body and instrument if this is not trainedContinue Reading