Lee Lontoc

lee lontocLee Lontoc has been around the musical block more than once. He attended a couple of Berklee College of Music’s summer sessions and then went on to graduate from the world renowned Dick Grove School of Music under the Keyboard Instruction and Voice Instruction Programs.

Touring has always been in his blood which led him countrywide singing, playing or sharing stages with some of music’s most famous luminaries such as George Michael, Jermaine Stewart, Chick Corea, Gerald Levert, Levert, The Rude Boys, Men at Large, Ready for the World and more.

Quality training with the best in entertainment has always been his philosophy in order to achieve his musical dreams and it worked. After private instruction with some of the finest teachers in both voice and piano Lee went on to study at The Goodrich Vocal Studio becoming one of their resident vocal coaches and earning his Technique Certification from Speech Level Singing International.

Having years of real world experience combined with an excellent educational history has led him to become one of the leading Singing Coaches in Los Angeles.